Last Name: Rtail
First Name: Raed
Date of Birth: Feb 3, 1976
Nationality: Lebanese
Specialty: Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery
Sub-specialty: Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Cochlear Implant.
Personal address:
– Beirut-kouraytem- fakhani bilding ,1FL
– Nabatieh – Mahmoud Fakih street, City Center, 3FL.
– 4 Rue Paul Doumer, 38100, Grenoble, France.

Mobile phone number: (961) 3 663549, (961) 7 762707
Spoken, read, written Languages : French, Russian, English, and Lebanese Arabic

Scholar Studies: Habbouche international school, Nabatieh, Liban (1995).

Medical Studies: Doctorate in general medicine at Kharkov State Medical University, Kharkov Ukraine

Residency program
– 3 years of Otolaryngology-HNS at Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kharkov, Ukraine
– 4 years of otolaryngology-HNS at University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France.
– One year clinical fellowship in ENT & Facial plastic Surgery at Medical Arts Unlimited Corp. with Hospital Obesrvership at Saint Francis Hospital & Advocate Condell Medical Center .

– Board certified in Aesthetic Medicine, AAAM, April 2016
– Diploma in Aesthetic medicine, AAAM. Dec. 2013 Dubai
– Certificate in Aesthetic medicine, AAAM, June 2013 Dubai.
– University degree in plastic surgery of the face, after a defense of a thesis about Method of reconstruction of the lips after a partial resection. Four cases were presented at the University of Claude Bernard Lyon1- France 2011

– « Attestation de Formation Spécialisée Approfondie » (AFSA) [Advanced Specialized Training Attestation in ENT and Head & Neck Surgery] in 2010 after oral defense of a thesis about Sphenoid fungal ball at the School of Medicine of Grenoble, Grenoble, France

– « Attestation de Formation Spécialisée » (AFS) [Specialized Training Attestation in ENT and Head & Neck Surgery] in 2009 after oral defense of a thesis about Endoscopic treatment of nasal tumors at the School of Medicine of Grenoble, Grenoble, France

– Doctor in Otolaryngology-head & neck surgery in 2008 after validation of 1 year of training in French and validation of AFS. The doctorate was obtained at the Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kharkov, Ukraine.

– Doctor of Medicine( MD) 2004 at Kharkov State Medical University, Kharkov Ukraine

Surgical skills
– Rhinoplasty
– Middle ear surgeries: cholesteatoma, stapes surgery, tympanoplasties, ossiculoplasties,
– Cochlear implant surgery
– Endoscopic sinus surgeries: ethmoidectomy, frontal sinusotomy (Draf I and II), middle meatal antrostomy, sphenoidotomy, sphenopalatine artery ligation, etc.
– Open sinus approaches: Caldwell-Luc, frontal osteoplastic flap, lateral rhinotomy, anterior ethmoid artery ligation, Rouge-Denker, etc.
– More advanced endoscopic sinus surgery: dacryocystorhinostomy, endoscopic access to the orbit.
– Head & neck surgeries: neck dissection, laryngectomy, parotidectomy, submandibular gland removal, drainage and debridement in cervical necrotizing fasciitis with supracarinal descending necrotizing mediastinitis, etc.
– Plastic surgery of the face
– Endoscopy of upper aero-digestive tract

Attendance of Instructional Surgical Course
– 22ND International Course in Modern Rhinoplasty Techniques
Amesterdam- Netherlands. Oct. 28-30, 2015
– Third Endoscopic Ear Surgery & Cartilage Tympanoplasty Workshop
Talegoan-Pune-india. 10-12 july 2015
– Course in Aesthetic Medicine ( Level 1)
Dubai 13-15 June 2013
– 1 Day Instuctors Course (P.T.C-M.S.F)
Beirut-Lebanon 6 April 2013

– Primary Trauma Care Course (M.S.F)
Nabatieh Lebanon, 2-3 March, 2013
– Oto-HNS Scientific Conference
Dbayeh-Lebanon. 15 Dec. 2012
– 1 International Live Surgical Workshop on Rhinoplasty & Otoplasty
Talegoan -Pune- India. Sept. 2012

– Training course in Botox, Dermafillers& Autologous Fat Transfer on face.
Mumbai- India, 27 – 31 Aug.

– Advanced Surgical Cochlear Implant Course,
Mechelene- Belgique, Dec. 2010
– Cours Avancé de Chirurgie de l’Oreille
[Advanced Surgical Course of Ear]
Toulouse – France, Dec. 2009
– Cours interactif de chirurgie et de dissection en Oto-rhino-laryngologie
[Interactive Surgical and Dissection Course of Otorhinolaryngology]
Saint Etienne – France, Nov. 2009
– Cours de Dissection en chirurgie cervico-faciale
[Surgical and Dissection Course of Head and Neck]
Montpellier –France, Jun 2009
– Advanced Hearing Implants Course
Innsbruck-Austria, May 2009
– Cours de Chirurgie interactif de l’Oreille et du Rocher
[Interactive surgical course of the Ear and the Temporal bones]
Lyon – France, Feb. 2009

– Atelier de fraisage de l’os temporal.
[Temporal Bone Dissection Course]
CHU de Bordeaux, Bordeaux – France, Mar 2008
– Cours de toxine botulique et mésothérapie.
[Botox and Facial Filler Courses]
Kiev – Ukraine, Sept. 2007
– Course in Functional Reconstructive Nasal Surgery
Kiev – Ukraine, Sept 2007

Attendance of national conferences
– 18 ° Annual meeting of the Lebanese OTO-HNS Society
Beirut-Lebanon, 16-19 May 2013

– 117° Congrès Français d’ORL.
[117 ° Otolaryngology French Congress]
Paris – France, Oct.2010
– Symposium transdisciplinaire de l’éclat de visage
[Transdisciplinary Brightness Symposium of the Face]
Lyon – France , May 2010
– Congres SIFORL- Société Internationale Francophone d’ORL & CCF
[SIFORL Congress – International Francophone Society of Otolaryngology and HNS]
Beyrouth – Lebanon, May 2010

– Cours international d’ophtalmologie et d’oculoplastique
[International Course of Ophthalmology and Oculoplasty]
Nice – France, Mar. 2010
– 116° Congrès Français d’ORL,
[116 ° Otolaryngology French Congress]
Paris – France, Oct. 2009
– Congrès Rhône-Alpes d’ORL et CCF,
[Rhone-Alpes Congress of Otolaryngology and HNS]
Clermont Ferrand- France, Nov. 2009
– 42ème Congrès de la Société de Carcinologie Cervico- Faciale (SFCCF)
[42° Congress of the Society of Head and Neck Oncology (SFCCF)]
Marseille – France, Nov. 2009

– VII Congrès Rhinoforum
[VII Rhino Forum Congress]
Poitiers – France, Jul. 2009
– Groupe Etude Montagne et Otologie (GEMO)
[Study Group Mountain of Otology (GEMO)]
Meribel- France, Jan. 2009
– Congrès Rhône-Alpes d’ORL et CCF ,
[Rhone-Alpes Congress of Otolaryngology and HNS]
Grenoble- France, Dec. 2008

– 115° Congrès Français d’ORL,
[115 ° Otolaryngology French Congress]
Paris – France, Oct. 2008

1- Fellowship course in Midle Ear Surgery & cartilage tympanoplasty –Pune, India from 1 Aug. – 5 Sept. 2012
2- As Surgical Assistant In Medical arts corp., for ENT-HNS, Facial Plastic Surgery- Chicago, IL, from Sept. 2011 –Jul 2012.
3- Surgical assistant in plastic surgery department lyon-1 France for one week April. 2011

International member
1- Société Française d’Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie et de Chirurgie de la Face et du Cou.
2- American Rhinology society.

Administrator of Lebanese group of ENT-HNS, Jordan group of ENT-HNS, and Union group of ENT- HNS

Article Reviewer
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Dr. M. Shapiro ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon at Medical Arts Unlimited
Libertyville, IL
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Pr. E. Reyt. Chef de service ORL & CCF au CHU de Grenoble.
Grenoble, France.
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Pr S. Schmerber. Responsable d’unité d’otologie et otoneurologie.
CHU de Grenoble, France.
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Pr. C. Righini. Responsable d’unité de cancérologie et chirurgie
CHU de Grenoble, France.
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